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A shift to delivery

The restaurant
industry is changing

The food delivery market is expected to grow from $45 Billion in 2017 to $80 Billion by 2022. Traditional restaurants that were designed for walk-ins and reservations face challenges juggling a growing delivery business with high operating costs influencing their bottom line.

KitchenPark offers highly affordable smart kitchen spaces designed specifically for delivery-only restaurant locations, that allow you to fulfill your delivery orders in the most cost effective way possible.

KitchenPark delivery kitchens

Why use a delivery-only kitchen

Our delivery kitchens offer huge advantages over traditional brick and morter. We allow you to quickly launch new affordable locations and grow or adapt your business at a fraction of the investment required of traditional brick and morter. You’ll benefit from vastly lower real estate and operational costs and get access to an entirely new segment of customers.

B & M Restaurant
Real estate 18m2 325m2
Employee count 4-5 15+
Upfront new location cost Small deposit $1M+
Time to open new location 2-4 weeks ~ 1 year
Delivery time 15 mins 35 mins
Launching new concepts Easy / low risk Difficult / high risk

More customers, less time

You’ll get access to an entirely new pool of customers, instantly. Our kitchens are placed in or next to highly populated areas with large numbers of consumers who frequently order food for delivery through apps.

Ultra-low upfront costs

Moving into our kitchens is easy and as cost effective as it gets. We handle getting you setup with your equipment and then you can start cooking. KitchenPark allows you to avoid spending hundreds of thousands of Dollars upfront to build out a brick and mortar restaurant.

Adapt and grow your business

Our kitchen facility spaces are highly flexible so you can quickly adapt and scale up or down as your business evolves and your needs change, without having to worry about the expensive moving or relocation costs traditional restaurants face.

Effortless and ready-to-go

Our team helps you get off the ground quickly in weeks, not months. We handle all the time consuming logistics like permitting and installation so that you can walk into a ready-to-go kitchen without delivery delays or construction challenges.

Reduced operational cost

Because our kitchens are designed primarily to support delivery customers, all you need is a small kitchen space and a limited amount of staff to start fulfilling orders. This helps you significantly reduce your real estate and staffing costs for higher margins per location.

Zero front of house costs

Get more time back — with us there’s no need to manage order handoff to delivery couriers in front of house. Our team scans and tracks each order and hands it off to the right courier without you needing to do a thing.

A team to support you

Our customer success team will be supporting you on a daily basis to help optimize your delivery-only business, grow your sales while remaining cost-efficient so you can be successful in your new adventure.

What we offer

Kitchens built for all your needs

We offer customized kitchens for modern day chefs and restaurant owners looking to tap into the food delivery market. Our facilities support the cooking and production of virtually all cuisine types and can be adapted in both layout and equipment specifications to meet your specific needs. Additionally we help support you in expansion of space as you grow your business.

See our basic utility configurations for gas, electrical and plumbing.


  • Prep tables
  • Pot wash
  • Double bowl sinks
  • Hand wash sink
  • Dry and cold storage
  • Commercial exhaust
  • Commercial hoods


  • 5 x gas points
  • Gas detection
  • High power ceiling lights
  • Cold / hot water lines
  • Multiple electrical outlets
  • Fire safety system
  • Air conditioning
  • Gas detection system
  • Internet/phone/WiFi

Key Areas

  • Driver pickup area
  • Order processing center
  • Receiving area
  • Shared space
  • Shared prep area
  • Staff break room
  • Staff locker room
  • Restrooms

Who we work with

Partners using our kitchens

KitchenPark works with both large and small businesses. From single location restaurants looking to expand to a new location or gain more customers in their local area, to large national franchises interested in a cost effective, efficient way to reach the growing food delivery and on demand consumer with a scalable solution.

National chains 
established restaurants

Established restaurants and chefs looking to expand their businesses or use commissary kitchen space

Single location or chain restaurants

Restaurant operators looking to leverage their brand with a delivery-centric concept to quickly expand and tap into a new region and consumer base.

Food entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs looking for a fast and inexpensive way to test their concepts and build their brand.

Central kitchen operator

Restaurants looking to have a central kitchen to reduce logistic cost while increasing consistency in food quality across outlets.

Configurations and equipment shown are for illustrative purposes only and are non-contractual as they may vary per facility and your requirements

Kitchen technology

Software that connects it all

Our software is made for restaurateurs, chefs, and culinary teams. Instantly connect into our technology stack to grow your business and manage orders in a single app. We provide valuable tools and insights to help manage your business, predict demand and increase the return on your menus.

All your delivery platforms in one place

Connect all major delivery services available in your area though a single tablet in each kitchen. Easily add additionally platforms without the need to manage multiple workflows

Easily manage all delivery orders

Our single tablet system syncs all delivery orders coming in and going out of your kitchen and merges your orders and performance data into once place. No need to enter orders manually into a POS or juggle multiple tablets.

Generate order demand

Want more customers? 
We’ll help facilitate demand generation through consulting, delivery app marketing, which are key for your success in the delivery-centric world.

Leverage multiple brands in the same kitchen

Grow even bigger by utilizing our list of globally successful delivery focused restaurant brands that a team of experts has built to help you tap into an entirely new consumer base.

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